Tuning In

We all have them – moments of intuition and/or inspiration. Sometimes, it’s a quiet whispering that says, “this way, not that” – sometimes it’s a much louder, almost screaming intuition, “get out of here!” Sometimes it’s a voice, sometimes it’s just a certainty that we feel inside.

Intuitions and inspirations come to us dressed in various guises. Learning to recognize them for what they are, learning to tune in and pay attention to them, rather than be distracted by the louder, seemingly incessant demands on our time and attention, can be a challenge – to say the least.

I’ve had a little more time than usual to slow down, to sit in meditation, to pay attention to the signs – the still small voice, the lifting of my heart with joy, the energies that flow within and around me, the awareness of guides and angels supporting me. This deeper connection has felt like a gift. It’s also given me the nudge to start this website and offer the gifts that I may bring to the world here online.

Published by freekat2

I'm choosing as much as I can to be curious rather than afraid, to be open and willing to learn, to express myself as authentically and vulnerably as I can manage in any given moment, and to enjoy this journey of life.

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