Welcome to My Metaphysical Playground!

Ah, the metaphysical! It has fascinated me since my first encounter with a psychic at age 18. I’ve read countless books, hung out with and been friends with psychics and astrologers and healers, taken classes in energy healing, Reiki, healing with crystals, psychic readings, and more. I’ve owned a health food store for 8 years, been a massage therapist for 24 years, and specialized in Myofascial Release for 14 years.

I’ve played with sending distance healings to friends and relatives and a few clients with good success. I even sent distance healing to my grand-dog – and the problem resolved the next day!

I’ve collected and played with Oracle cards and pendulums for the past 38 years. I’ve honed my skills of intuition and paying attention to Guidance. Right now, my Guidance is telling me to offer my gifts online, so I’ve set up this website. I’m interested to see where the path goes from here.

There’s often a temptation to take ourselves very seriously in this human life, isn’t there? I am reminded with some frequency to lighten up – that we’re just playing. I’m not a “healer” – we may allow energy to flow between us and that energy may facilitate energetic pathways that allow the body’s natural healing abilities to manifest … or not. It isn’t scientific. I don’t know what Life has planned for you … or for me, for that matter. I just follow my Guidance in the moment and do my best.

I believe in angels and guides and otherworldly beings. I believe in healing light and love. I believe in things greater than can be measured by anything of this world. I love playing in this realm of possibilities and expanded consciousness. I’ll be writing about different experiences, intuitions, and inspirations that I have as I travel along my life path. I’ll share some of the more fun, interesting, touching things that I have experienced over the years.

If you’re interested in energy healing, Reiki, or psychic/intuitive readings, please click on “Home” at the bottom of this page. Please be sure to read the Disclaimers page. And if you feel so guided, come play with me!

Published by freekat2

I'm choosing as much as I can to be curious rather than afraid, to be open and willing to learn, to express myself as authentically and vulnerably as I can manage in any given moment, and to enjoy this journey of life.

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