Muscle Testing

My first awareness of muscle testing was as a young teenager when my chiropractor would use applied kinesiology to test for weaknesses along my spine and meridian points. Years later, when a similar concept was taught in my energy healing school, I was excited to learn!

Over the years, muscle testing has become second nature to me. I use it every day in all different kinds of situations. It’s sort of an internalized guidance system that allows me to connect with my intuition/inner knowing.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always accurate. Sometimes it’s influenced by my feelings/desires. However, I do take that into account – and the reality is that the vast majority of the time, it is surprisingly accurate. Like, 90% or more of the time in my experience.

No, I haven’t used muscle testing for things like choosing lottery numbers. I don’t think it works that way. I have used it many times to ask, for example, if my symptoms require medical attention, did I lock the door?, will the truck make it to my destination safely? Yeah – that last one was on my harrowing trip through the New Mexico tundra in a rental truck. My muscle testing consistently saying that I would make it – and believe me, I checked every few minutes – helped to keep me relatively calm. You see, I’ve come to trust when my fingers hold strong and give me a clear “yes.”

What do I mean, when my fingers hold strong? Well, this is how I do it: I put the tip of my middle finger (you can use any finger) underneath the tip of my thumb. I ask a “yes or no” question – is this food safe to eat, should I make this phone call, should I apply for this job (whatever I’m wondering) – and then I apply a gentle, but firm pressure with the finger that’s trapped under the thumb. If it holds strong, that’s a “yes” – if it breaks through, that’s a “no.” It’s very similar to using a pendulum. I’m aware not to influence it with my own opinions or desires. I want truth/guidance.

I often start by tuning into my hands, getting my fingers into position, then asking, show me “yes” and show me “no.” I’ll do that once or twice, then once I feel calibrated, I’ll ask my real question/s. I often ask more than once just for confirmation. It’s not really necessary, but it gives me comfort, so I do it. The point of any healing or divination technique is to make it work for you.

Muscle testing – if it holds, “yes” – if it doesn’t hold, “no.”

I’ve been using muscle testing for over 20 years now. It has carried me through many experiences and decisions. It’s not a panacea and I’ve still ended up making some less than stellar decisions. However, I have found it to be incredibly useful – and the reality is that in many situations, if I had slowed down enough and thought to connect in with myself and do some muscle testing, I may have made some better choices. It doesn’t work unless I remember to use it!

I muscle test to see what vitamins/supplements to take – and how often/much. I muscle test to ask whether or not to apply for a specific job – or to follow up after applying. I muscle test to ask should I go this way – or that way. I muscle test to see if certain foods will agree with me or be harmful for me – or not. In reality, it may just be a security blanket – but I’m grateful for that security blanket. I value the peace and the guidance that it has brought me.

I encourage you to try it. Just see what happens. Ask simple questions to test/play with it at first. Will my phone ring in the next hour? Then see how accurate you are. Will my children get home on time? Will they be late? Just see what happens. It is unlikely to be correct every time. I’m not sure that anything in life is correct every time. It’s just another tool in your chest that you can use to access your inner knowing that can give you a perspective beyond your mental chatter.

Some people make a circle with their thumb and finger on one hand, then use a finger from the other hand to try to break through that circle. In applied kinesiology, they have you hold an arm or leg in a certain position, then while touching various points on your body, put a little pressure and see if the arm or leg holds. It’s really quite fascinating and effective. If you haven’t experienced applied kinesiology before, I suggest you seek out a chiropractor or someone who specializes in it – just to experience it.

In the meantime, play a little on your own with muscle testing. It’s fun! It can also be very helpful! It’s not a replacement for doing research or for expert advice or for thinking things through – but it can certainly be a helpful way to check in with your own intuition when you’re having trouble thinking clearly. To me, it’s been a useful way to check in as well as a great comfort whenever I’ve sought guidance and/or reassurance.

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I'm choosing as much as I can to be curious rather than afraid, to be open and willing to learn, to express myself as authentically and vulnerably as I can manage in any given moment, and to enjoy this journey of life.

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