Energy Clues

Have you ever been getting ready to go somewhere or do something … and then suddenly, you feel like you desperately want to take a nap? It may even have been something you were looking forward to immensely, but your energy somehow feels zapped, like your battery is almost dead?

Have you ever been dead tired, couldn’t even keep your eyes open … and then you get a phone call that suddenly has you wide awake, energized, and excited to go out?

Do you pay attention to what your energy is doing throughout the day and night? Do you ever notice the subtle shifts of energy that are happening all day long? Do you notice the big shifts? Or do you just push through it all and do what you feel needs to be done?

Do you notice how you feel after spending time with certain people? If you pay attention, you’ll notice that some people drain your energy … and some people leave you feeling uplifted, inspired, and energized. You might want to pay attention to these energy clues and make decisions about with whom you spend your time accordingly!

Your body is always communicating with you. The question is: are you listening? Unfortunately, if we don’t pay attention to the smaller clues, like subtle energy shifts, then the body may start getting louder, with increasing fatigue, pain and dysfunction.

So, for example, when you eat something, notice how you feel afterward – has it energized you or made you long for a nap? Which, naps are good, don’t get me wrong! And sometimes a comfort meal that makes us sleepy is just the ticket, right? But awareness is good too. Maybe we have a presentation to give that we want to be energized for. It would be helpful to eat something that fuels us rather than slows us down in that case.

Something I couldn’t figure out for the longest time is why I’d feel so tired when I was in a theatre watching a very enjoyable play. I’d have the thought/awareness that this play was incredibly fun/moving/well-done – I was loving it! – and at the same time, I was having the feeling that I couldn’t wait for it to end so that I could go home and sleep. What I finally came to understand is that, being very empathic, being in a large crowd is draining for me. I frequently get tired when there are a lot of people around, no matter how much fun I’m having.

It’s not just large crowds in person, either! I was noticing that every time I got on a Zoom call with a big group of people, I’d start nodding off. It didn’t matter how interested I was in the topic or the people, I’d feel my eyes shutting themselves! Then a friend pointed out that I was probably absorbing everyone’s energy and it was overloading me, basically blowing my circuit. I started being more aware of the energy and consciously shielding myself – and that helped a lot!

Here are 3 quick ways to begin to take intuitive clues from your energy:

1) Notice when you feel tired. Did it come on suddenly? Were you getting tired a few minutes before – or did it just hit you? Do you have reasons to be tired – or is it hitting you unexpectedly? Have you just spent time with someone or talked to them on the phone? Do you regularly feel tired after being/talking with this person? Think about the circumstances around your fatigue. Did you just eat something that makes you sleepy? Were you in a situation that drains your energy (like me at a play)?

2) Notice when you feel energized. Who/what makes you feel like you are lit up with energy and excitement? Or even what makes you feel quietly motivated and energized? What foods make you feel alert and active, ready to play and/or be productive? Who/what fuels you, body, mind, and spirit? What conversations excite you? What music moves you? What purpose gives you life?

3) Follow your energy to the extent that you can. Make choices that charge you up! I know that sometimes there are things we feel obligated to do for work or our families or friends – but there are also times where we get to choose. When I feel myself resisting something by getting tired, I ask myself, what would excite me to do right now? What would give me energy to choose right now? So, for example, if I’m thinking I should be applying for jobs and that has me feeling drained and like I want to take a nap … I think, what would make me feel awake and alert right now? What would I be happier to be doing? Then I think about writing a blog post or reading a book or baking cookies, and decide to do that instead … and my fatigue miraculously disappears! When I go do that for an hour or so, then I can come back and apply for jobs with a better attitude and more energy. And if doing the thing I really want to do doesn’t give me an energy boost, then maybe I just really need a nap!

When we are paying attention, our energy can give us clues to whether something or someone is a “yes” for us or a “no” for us. Another useful tool in our intuitive toolbox.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Paying attention to my energy has certainly helped me to make better choices in my life! I continue to grow in awareness and I am grateful for that. If you’d like help identifying your energy patterns – or if you’d be interested in receiving some Reiki energy or energy healing, please click on “Home” below – and contact me for an appointment. Be blessed!

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