When the Universe is Talking to You … Are You Listening?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always listening. I’m busy, I’m distracted, I’m dealing with things. I forget to tune in, to turn to Guidance. I feel abandoned and like I have to handle everything on my own. I worry what will become of me and my life. Or – in good times – I feel like I’ve got things figured out and have this handled, don’t need any help. Yeah, that never lasts for very long. LOL There’s always some sort of reminder to pay attention and to reconnect with the Divine.

Sometimes those reminders are quiet, gentle, friendly nudges – easy to overlook. Hey, remember Me? Hey, notice this! When I fail to notice, the reminders get louder. Sometimes the reminders get so loud that I find myself in huge life crises, with no choice but to turn to the Divine. For example, when I fell and broke both of my arms, the Universe had my complete attention – and I received some very important messages and insights into my life and the people in my life. I’d rather have learned those lessons in an easier way, but I wasn’t allowing myself to see what was, in hindsight, pretty obvious – so the Universe had to get louder and take more drastic action to get my full attention.

Speaking of obvious, the Universe gave me a huge sign this week – a gentle reminder to pay attention, to stay tuned in to Guidance and Spirit. I do frequently ask the Universe to teach me easy – I don’t want any more hard lessons. This communication was clear – both a wake up call for me, and a welcome reassurance that my life is Divinely guided. Given the precarious life position in which I find myself currently, I am most grateful for this message.

On October 15th of this year, 2020, I accidentally wrote in my gratitude journal “10/15/15.” I laughed at myself and fixed it. Whoa! What was I thinking? When I made the very same mistake in my regular journal, I thought to myself, I need to look at my journal from that date and see what I wrote. Of course, me being me, it took me several days to get to it. I finally got to it yesterday afternoon (10/20/2020). It was an unusually short journal entry that day. This is what it said:

I just wanted to jot down a story from today that probably has a lesson for me. I was at Kroger’s and there was a display that had cucumbers and bell peppers. I could see the price of the cucumbers right there on the front of the display, but I looked everywhere for the price of the peppers – and I couldn’t see it. I stood there, debating what to do – I thought about seeking out a produce person and asking them. I was feeling pretty ticked that they hadn’t posted the price – it seems like they do that fairly often. And as I stood there and fumed – I finally saw the giant sign that I was standing right next to that said the peppers were 4 for $5. The answer was written on a big sign that was right next to me! I’d somehow thought that was another sign for the cucumbers – I think it was the same price. But it makes me wonder – what answer is right in front of me if I were only paying attention? What is so obvious that I’m not seeing? And how can I shift my awareness to see it?

Point taken, I shared the story with a Meetup group last night where we were sharing Tarot and Oracle card readings. But that’s not where the story ends. After the Meetup group, I watched Netflix for a couple of hours on my computer while I scrolled through Twitter on my phone. I was getting tired, so I clicked out of Netflix. My Facebook screen came on and I saw I had some notifications, so I clicked on those … and then I did something that didn’t make sense because I was tired and about to go to bed, definitely had no intention of scrolling through FB – I clicked on “home.”

What I saw at the top of the screen was a FB memory of that very same story from five years ago – complete with a picture that I hadn’t remembered taking. I was a little stunned – in a good way. Now, this FB memory didn’t come up five years from the date of that story – it came up four days later than that, on the same day that I’d finally remembered to look up my journal on that date, found the story, and told my friends about it. What are the chances – from my “accidentally” writing the wrong date (twice! – cause I didn’t get the message the first time) to receiving the message to look at that date to see this story – and then having it come up again like this on FB? I LOVE synchronicity! Thank you, Universe!

The sign in question – honestly, how could I possibly have not seen that?

So now the question is: What does it mean? Are there big, obvious signs in my life that I’m not seeing? Am I failing to pay attention? Am I failing to notice the Guidance that is right there, totally available to me? I’m definitely tuning in because I don’t want the messages to need to get louder. I want to learn as gently, easily, and pain-free as possible! What do I need to know?

I asked this question of my Angels and Guides last night as I went to bed. I asked for a dream or a direct knowing that I would remember when I woke up. Dear Angels and Guides, please talk to me in my dreams tonight. Please show me clearly – tell me what I need to know. Tell me what I’m missing. And help me remember when I wake up. Don’t be ambiguous about it, don’t make me figure it out. Don’t make me feel like an idiot because I’m not seeing the giant sign that’s right next to me. Okay? Please? I wanted a clear message, not symbols that I would have to figure out.

The clear impression and words that I woke up with this morning are that part of it is that the Universe is just letting me know: You are being guided. Stop being afraid. But that’s not all. Here is the rest: You can’t miss what you are meant to see. You can’t miss what you are meant to know. In the right time, in the right way, in the right place – everything you need comes to you. Every message, every sign, every piece of information that you need to move forward – it all comes to you. Your life is Divinely guided. It’s not going to pass you by – you’re not going to miss it. Relax a minute. Relax and just trust that everything you need to know, you will know when you need to know it. Okay?

It’s not going to pass you by – you’re not going to miss it. And if you think back to that story, the piece of that story that you didn’t focus on – is that you did see the sign. Even before you asked for help (thankfully before you asked for help and made a fool of yourself, LOL) – you did see the sign. You didn’t miss it. You missed it for a little bit, but then you saw it and you were there, present with it. And as so, there have been a lot of lessons in your life, Honey, Sweetie – that you have missed them, missed them, missed them – until you clearly saw them – and that’s how life works – is that we don’t clearly see some of the steps until we’re right there and it’s the right time and our vision opens – and then we clearly see what we need to see.

Or like, look at yourself in relationships – you’ve screwed up, you’ve screwed up, you’ve screwed up. Okay? You’ve chosen the wrong men over and over, you’ve let yourself be mistreated, you’ve devalued yourself – all of these signs you didn’t get until – well, you got little pieces along the way, but the whole big, glaring sign? You’re finally putting it together. Hopefully. And, the takeaway remains – that what you need to know does come to you. What you do need to know, you will see. You may feel like you’re struggling as you’re looking for the answers, but even though you struggle for a little bit, the answers are inside of you already. They’re right there already – and when you let yourself see them, you see them. So, let yourself ask, what am I not seeing right now – or what am I resisting seeing right now? And just sit with it or sleep on it and let it come to you.

I am very grateful for these messages. I think that a lot of it comes down to presence – being fully present in the moment, not distracted by the past or future. I’m even more resolved to treat each moment of the day as a living meditation – as much as I possibly can, to hold an awareness of my spiritual connection in this life. I’m inspired to check in more frequently with my Angels and Guides and intuition. Another synchronicity – as I’m writing, an email notification from Pinterest flashes across the top of my screen that says “Angels, Doreen Virtue and more ideas you’ve been looking for” – and I notice that at the exact time I’m affirming my awareness of my Angels – indeed as I am literally writing the word “Angels”, I get this confirming message. Notice, notice, notice. And, yes, I will be pulling out my Doreen Virtue Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards to see what message they have for me.

I am aware that there are signs that I’m still not seeing and awarenesses that I’m still not completely (or at all) grasping at the moment – but I know that the Universe is still continually communicating with me and that I will see what I need to see and know what I need to know when the time is right. I am grateful for this reassurance that I am Divinely guided and that what is meant for me will not pass me by. The right doors will open, the right people will be there for me, and everything will unfold as it is meant to be. The signs are big and little, sometimes glaring and sometimes super subtle. My “r/R” has started sticking on my computer. Even that, I think is a message for me. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to figure it out, but I think I just realized what it is. Now I have to figure out what I’m supposed to do about it. It really is a fun adventure, this mystery of life.

The Universe is always talking to us – through signs and symbols, both literal and figurative – through songs, song lyrics, memories, overheard bits of conversations, interactions with other people, articles and books and movies that catch our attention, traffic jams … and countless other synchronicities. Are you paying attention? Does it strike you that maybe the message I received was also a message for you? There is something here for you – or you wouldn’t have read this far, don’t you think? I think so. And I invite you to open your awareness and start listening more closely to the myriad ways that Life is constantly communicating with you.

So, what has the Universe been saying to you – are you listening and are you able to figure out the messages? Feel free to share any stories – big or small, recent or historical – or any thoughts about this topic in the comments below. Also, if you’d like some help figuring it out, I do psychic/intuitive readings online and I’d be happy to consult with you. Just leave me a message and we’ll set up an appointment. Whether you contact me or not, best wishes on this magical journey of life! Namaste.

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I'm choosing as much as I can to be curious rather than afraid, to be open and willing to learn, to express myself as authentically and vulnerably as I can manage in any given moment, and to enjoy this journey of life.

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