About Me

I am an ordained minister. I am a specialist in awkwardness and authentic living. I am a “healer” – in the sense that healers hold space for people to heal themselves – not in the sense that I put my hands on you or send you energy and you walk away miraculously healed. Yes, I can send healing energy and Reiki, either from a distance or hands-on (when it’s safe to do that). Healing is a journey – and any healing ultimately comes from within your Self. Sometimes we need someone to hold that space or facilitate our own natural healing abilities. I am a guide to the journey of self-love. I am a guide to embracing your sacred sexual self and being at peace and joyous in your body and life. When I speak of “energy healing” – it may just be that I hold the space for you to allow your own innate inner wisdom/inner knowing to rise up.

I’ve felt moments of deep spiritual connection since I was a child. I have always had a high degree of empathy and strong sense of intuition. Alternative health and the metaphysical have been consistent passions of mine.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, I opened a health food store in Lakeland, Florida, which I ran for 8 years. During that time, I learned quite a bit about herbs, supplements, and natural health. I also attended Suncoast School of Massage in Tampa, Florida and opened up a massage therapy practice.

I moved back to Michigan and attended the Midwest Academy of Healing Arts for 3 years in their IntegraTM program. This energy healing school exposed me to many energetic healing techniques, including some of the teachings in Barbara Ann Brennan’s book Hands of Light, chakra balancing, working in the energy fields of the body, dream analysis, shamanic journeying and healing, and much more.

During that time, I also took 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki. Following that, I took many courses with John F. Barnes in Myofascial Release. I’ve also taken several courses in psychic development, including a course in healing with crystals. All of it fascinates me.

I feel my mom around me with some frequency and she’s given me many signs since she left her physical body that she is alive and well and still around, beaming her love at me. I sometimes get impressions of other people too.

I’ve recently published a series of three books, The Sexuality Reclamation Project For Women, The Sexuality Reclamation Project For Women Workbook, and The Relationship Red Flag Assessment Journal. I am available to talk about these with individuals and groups. Just contact me if you’re interested.

My latest book is Embracing Awkward: A Collection of Writings on Life, Love, Body Image, Fat Liberation, Sexuality, Vulnerability, and Standing Strong. This book is fat-positive, sex-positive, contains some profanity, and the last chapter is sexually explicit in parts. It’s not for everyone, but some of you might love it!

I’ve spent the past 30 years of my life helping people to feel better in and about their bodies and their lives. It is what I love to do. How can I help you?

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