About Me

I am an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, a non-denominational religious organization. My religions are love, kindness, compassion, reverence, and grace. My path is an on-going practice of evolving into deeper connection with my Higher Self and my Inner Self. I believe that we are all sacred, spiritual beings who connect to Source, God/Goddess, the Universe, the Power and the Presence of Life in myriad ways. I believe we all have our own paths and purpose – and that we are always learning and growing to the extent that we choose (and sometimes the Universe pushes us in ways that can feel outside of our own choice/consent). There is so much that remains a mystery.

I am a specialist in awkwardness, vulnerability, and authentic living. I am a “healer” – in the sense that healers hold space for people to heal themselves. Healing is a journey – and any healing ultimately comes from within your Self. Sometimes we need someone to hold that space or facilitate our own natural healing abilities. I am a guide to the journey of self-love. I am a guide to embracing your sacred sexual self and being at peace and joyous in your body and life. I hold the space for you to allow your own innate inner wisdom/inner knowing to rise up. I can be a teacher of how to love and nurture yourself and others and how to communicate authentically from your heart.

I’ve felt moments of deep spiritual connection since I was a child. I have always had a high degree of empathy and strong sense of intuition. Alternative health and the metaphysical have been consistent passions of mine.

I’ve published a couple of workbooks which could be helpful for you to examine what is authentic for you and what is your programming, as well as how your relationships are going for you. The Sexuality Reclamation Project For Women Workbook, and The Relationship Red Flag Assessment Journal. I am available to talk about these with individuals and groups. Just contact me if you’re interested.

I’ve spent the past 30 years of my life helping people to feel better in and about their bodies and their lives. It is what I love to do. How can I help you?

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