Welcome to my playground. It’s fun to play with energy and metaphysical stuff, don’t you think? I am an ordained minister and can provide spiritual counseling and life coaching. I am a licensed massage therapist and can provide energy healing and body therapies. However, I am NOT a medical or mental health professional and that needs to be perfectly clear. Please do not mistake what I am offering as medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I am not licensed in those realms. If that is the kind of help you seek, then please do seek out a medical or mental health professional. I have lots to offer, but please understand the limits of my qualifications. If I feel you are requesting something that is beyond my capabilities, I will refer you to a medical or mental health professional.

None of the information on this website – or provided in any conversations with me – should be taken for medical or psychological advice of any kind. Consider this site to be educational and/or for entertainment purposes only. I will be happy to share with you my energetic gifts and intuitions, but please do not mistake any of this for medical or psychological treatment, advice, diagnosis, or cure.

By using this site or contacting me, you are acknowledging that you understand the limits of a professional relationship with me – spiritual counselor and massage therapist. Furthermore, you agree to hold Psychic Kath and all associates harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, loss, damage, and/or injury that may occur resulting from the use of this website or conversations/sessions with Psychic Kath.

If you have mental, emotional, or physical health issues – before making any decisions regarding your health and well-being – please see the appropriately licensed physician or therapist for help. Energy healing is not a substitute in any way for medical care.

From my years as a massage therapist, I can tell you that sometimes moving energy or releasing stuck places in the body (energetic and/or physical) can result in a “healing crisis.” Emotions can come up. Physical symptoms can appear – you may get nauseous or have a headache or even, as John F. Barnes puts it, “feel like you got hit by a truck.” Drink plenty of water and rest for a few days. See a medical professional if you have any concerns. These healing crises usually pass within 2-3 days. You agree by using this website and services provided therein that you alone assume any and all risks associated with your own personal growth and healing.

Finally, any testimonials I may share are neither guarantees nor predictions of what you may experience. Each individual is different and has their own unique path, gifts, and challenges. Like I said, this is my playground where we explore the metaphysical – energy, intuitions, and other fun related stuff. You take full responsibility for yourself and agree that I am not responsible or liable for any choices that you make based on this website or our conversations or time together.

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