Guided Meditations

The first Thursday of every month, I lead a group meeting called The Self Love Journey for the wonderful spiritual community, Awkwardly Zen. It is free and you are more than welcome to join.

We’re all on this journey, aren’t we? Learning to be love, to accept love, to offer love, to connect in love – with others and ourselves. I recorded a guided meditation for one of our meetings – and it was requested that I make that meditation available. So, I’m going to use this page to start posting some of my guided meditations.

I’m also going to be offering personalized guided meditations for anyone who would like me to work with them in that way. Click HERE for more information on that, HERE for rates, and HERE to order.

Here is the meditation that inspired me to start sharing my guided meditations here on my website. I hope you enjoy! There will be more to come!

Guided Meditation: Inner Child Self Love Meditation

Here’s another meditation about being here now, letting go of who you think you are and other expectations, exploring what it is to BE. This one was for a group, so there’s a reference at the end to having a conversation. You can do this alone or with a group of others – and have a conversation!

Guided Meditation: Be Here Now – Be & Breathe

Here is the meditation from the January meeting of The Self Love Journey, Sacred Love Meditation:

Here is the meditation from the February meeting of The Self Love Journey, The Sacred Body Meditation (I highly encourage you to listen to it daily for at least 30-45 days – your body/mind most likely needs to drink up this love):

Here is the meditation from the March meeting of The Self Love Journey, Let Love Flow In Meditation:

If you find this beneficial and are feeling appreciation for my work, I am happy to accept donations! Thank you!

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