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The Self Reclamation Project For Women Workbook
My greatest passion is to create and hold safe space for people (including me) to be our full authentic selves, in all of our uniqueness and diversity. I want you to feel safe to explore, to question, and to be who you really are. Get in touch with your inner voice, your true feelings, desires, and beliefs. Who are you when you let go of perfectionism and approval seeking – and instead simply allow yourself to be fully human – to be YOU?

The purpose of this workbook is to help you to connect more deeply with your authentic self. Who would you be if you were not afraid? Do you live your life according to your social programming … or do you follow your inner compass, your own truth and values? Have you thought about it? Do you love and value yourself? Are you happy in and with your body? How about your sexuality? Your relationships? Do you use your power to create the life you want … or do you abdicate your power and feel like you’ve sold yourself out? Let’s see if we can reconnect you with your own truth and allow you to claim your power so that you can choose to live the life that you most deeply desire.

This is your invitation:

*to consider what it means to be your authentic self
*to explore your sexuality — your feelings, beliefs, and desires
*to develop healthy boundaries
*to embrace your body with love and appreciation
*to love yourself unconditionally, and
*to determine if your relationship/s are working for you, what you may want to adjust, and what kind/s of relationship/s you may want to have.

The Relationship Red Flag Assessment Journal
You know about red flags, right? The little and big warning signs that something just isn’t quite what you want it to be. Red flags in a relationship are no only or exclusively about the other person. They are also about you and the dynamics of the relationship. They can also apply to friendships and professional relationships.

Red flags also don’t mean that a relationship needs to end. They are a good tool in evaluating whether a relationship is meeting your needs and working for you or not.

They are a signal to look closer at certain aspects of personality, programming, communication patterns, roles, and relationship. What are he red flags telling you to examine? What information are they providing for you? What, if anything, do you want to do with that information? What are your values and priorities?

This workbook/journal gives you space to consider these things. It shares some common red flags that you can look out for, and gives you questions and opportunities to notice and consider red flags in your relationship/s. Use it to assess the current state of your relationship/s and to plan where you want your relationship/s to go in the future. Use it to connect to your true feelings, and to love and support yourself at deeper levels. How can you be true to yourself while in relationship with others?

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Just added! Diabetes Management Journals Keeping a journal has been a key part in my being able to manage my diabetes and stay off medication. These are journals to help you keep on track with your health goals. They come in a variety of covers, with either fancy font (Curlz) or plain font (Arial). They are all the same inside, other than the font. You can order them HERE.

I am also co-author of the Fat Poets Speak series, also available on Amazon – (1), (2), and (3). What is it like to live in a fat body in a society that constantly promotes and demands thinness, while it denigrates, dismisses, and shames bodies that look like yours? How do fat women negotiate our lives and celebrate our bodies? How do we claim pleasure and self-esteem and worthiness? How do we enjoy love, friendship, connection, and sex? The Fat Poets Speak poetry series is a celebration of the lives, strength, resilience, and beauty of fat women.

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