Psychic/Intuitive Readings

When I was 18, I was walking down the hallway in my college dorm when a woman I didn’t know looked right in my eyes and said she needed to talk to me – she had a message for me. We sat in a friend’s room and this woman proceeded to tell me a message from a close friend of mine who had recently died – something only he could have possibly known. That’s my first conscious memory of being fascinated with psychic phenomena.

Over the years, I’ve collected many oracle cards. I’ve studied energy healing and honed my intuitive and psychic gifts. Sometimes I hear things. Mostly, I just have a feeling or “direct knowing.” Pendulums, oracle cards, muscle testing, crystals, Rune Stones, and my angels and guides are sources of guidance and inspiration for me. I can use any or all in a reading for you. You can pick what appeals to you – or you can allow me to intuitively choose for you.

What to expect: Hey ~ the Universe has brought us together for a reason, so let’s just have fun and find out what that reason is. Is there a message for you? Is there a healing for you? Is there guidance or an idea that you are meant to hear? Maybe there are lessons for both of us. We’ll talk, figure out the path as we go, spend some sacred time together, and see what unfolds.

Below is the selection of Oracle cards to choose from if you’d like to do cards:

And Rune Stones:

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