Reiki is universal life force energy. My Reiki Master uses the analogy of a sponge to explain the effect of Reiki energy on the human body. You know how when a sponge gets dried out, it shrivels up and becomes hard and possibly brittle? If you stick just even a part of that sponge in water, the sponge starts soaking it up and becoming softer and more flexible. The water doesn’t just stop in the little area of the sponge that is dipped in the water – if you leave it there long enough, the water will spread out into the entire sponge.

When we send Reiki energy into your body/energetic system, it is absorbed wherever it is needed. The flow of Reiki energy moves throughout your body to bring everything back into balance and to allow your energetic system to be recharged.

Do you have to be in physical contact for the Reiki energy to work? No! You don’t! Energy can move anywhere. Just tune in and be open to receiving. We can make an energetic connection across the miles.

You can use a Reiki treatment if you have any particular concerns or just as a general recharge. You can also hold intentions during a Reiki treatment in order to send energy to a situation or desire. The Reiki energy has its own wisdom and may help to bring clarity or guidance or resolution.

In a distance Reiki treatment, you will have the option of being on the phone or Skype, Zoom, or Google Connect with me the entire time. You’d hear the Reiki music/chimes and see my hands in position. The other option is that we could talk before your treatment, then you could lie down and receive for the hour, then we could reconnect at the end of the hour just to touch base about how it was for you – if you noticed anything or if there is anything you’d like to talk about regarding your session.

Will you feel or notice anything? Some people do, some people don’t. Some people feel heat or tingling with the Reiki energy. Some people have visions or see colors. Everyone’s experience is a little different, depending on your sensitivity, awareness, and needs at the time. Whatever is meant to happen for you will be what happens. Just tune in, relax, and allow yourself to receive whatever it is you are meant to receive. Know that your angels and guides are around you.

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