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Offering Self-Love/Body Liberation/Sacred Sexuality Coaching, Discover Your Authentic Self Support, Spiritual Counseling

Life Coaching

I offer coaching in the following areas: Self-Love, Body Liberation, and Sacred Sexuality. I also offer support to help you Discover Your Authentic Self.

I believe that we all are Sacred Beings having a human experience. Our bodies are sacred. Our sexuality is sacred. Love is sacred. Self-love is sacred. Our relationships with ourselves and others are sacred. I want to help people remember how precious and sacred we all are.

I am an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church (a non-denominational religious organization), and am happy to hold space for you as you find your way to your own love and authenticity. How can you hold yourself and your life sacred? I’d love to help you explore that.

Spiritual Counseling

How do you connect with your Higher Self, your Inner Voice, Your Intuition, a Higher Power, Source, God, Goddess, the Universe, whatever you prefer to call the All That Is? 

How do you connect to your Self as a Sacred Being? And how do you hold yourself sacred? What does that mean to you? What does that mean to your life and to your relationships? I am happy to hold space for you to explore your Sacred Self and help you find your way to a deeper connection. 

How do you reclaim your spiritual truth and power? How do you connect with what is authentically true for you? How does your deep Inner Knowing communicate with you?

Releasing Shame & Choosing Unconditional Love for Self & Others

Do you need someone to talk to, but you don’t want to be judged or misunderstood by friends or family? Do you need to learn how to nurture and love yourself? Do you need to learn how to forgive yourself and others so that you are free to move forward in your life? I am here for you.

We are taught so much shame around being human and all that means. We learn to judge ourselves harshly for our mistakes and “imperfections.” We can choose to have a kind voice in our minds. We can reject shame and embrace unconditional love. How would that feel for you? What could that do for your life?

Not all those who wander are lost.


If you were to totally trust your path, what would that feel like?

How can you fully embrace this present moment and feel your own power, spirit, and guidance?

About Me

I’ve spent the last 30 years in the alternative health care business, helping people to feel good in and about their bodies and their lives. I am an ordained minister.

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